Our children's ministry program is proactive in encouraging families who have children with disabili...
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VBS 2014 - Investigation Station : Galactic Quest    

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Activity Idea

Recycled Sun Catchers

Most classrooms have buckets of crayons—the kind that started out nicely arranged in the crayon box but are now in pieces half with the labels on them, half without. Most of the crayon points are co

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Craft Idea

Rain Stick

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Leadership Tip

Sex Offenders Keeping Children, Schools, And Churches Safe
By Jewell Jensen
Research indicates that one in four girls and one in seven boys will be sexually abused. The offender will often be someone close: a relative, family friend, or one of the many volunteers or professionals who come in contact with our children every day—someone most parents would never suspect. Sadly, the faith community has not been immune from these crimes or the resulting harm. By taking the time to learn more about child sexual abuse and the people who commit these crimes, you will be joini

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Editor's Blog

The Merry-go-round

Tucked away in a small park off of University Boulevard in Takoma Park Maryland there is a little merry-go-round different from any I remember riding when I was a girl. It is small in circumference, but unbelievably fast once you get it going. The really interesting thing is that the rate of speed is controlled not by the person on the ground pushing, but by those inside the merry-go-round. All you have to do to slow down is hold on to the railing and lean out as far as you

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