Our children's ministry program is proactive in encouraging families who have children with disabili...
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VBS 2014 - Investigation Station : Galactic Quest    

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Activity Idea

Recycled Sun Catchers

Most classrooms have buckets of crayons—the kind that started out nicely arranged in the crayon box but are now in pieces half with the labels on them, half without. Most of the crayon points are co

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Craft Idea

Rain Stick

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Leadership Tip

Be Crafty Connecting to the Devine
By fred wuerstlin
Children of all ages adore crafts, and as they make things they tell a story of their inner lives. Creativity is a tender, inherent trait in children, which can be easily promoted or stifled by adults. Adults often tend to focus on the end result, but it’s the doing that is critical. The rich experience of creating is far more significant than the finished product. Emphasis on the process is key in craft making. The exploration is crucial to the learning process. Children need to be encouraged

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Editor's Blog

Leaving a Legacy

I have been very blessed to have had excellent teachers throughout my years of education. My Takoma Academy choral director Francisco de Aroujo taught me to embrace the emotions of music. Mr. Dunton, the principal at Stanborough Park School taught me to be persistent in the face of the bazillion awkward moments that life provides (and will continue to provide.) Mrs. Brooks, my 6th grade teacher at Sligo School taught me what a lady looks, and Mrs. Landis...well here is a list for your consi

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